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As a reader of this blog, it’s very likely that you are now either on your way or soon will be to gawk, schmooze, blog, present, compete or otherwise partake in the extravaganza known as the 2010 Specialty Coffee Association of America’s exposition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this annual convention includes a trade show, the United States Barista Championship, cup tasters championship, and countless classes on buying, roasting, preparing, marketing or doing just about anything you can imagine with coffee. For a few days, the 2010 exposition will be one of the best places in the country to explore and consume coffee.

For those of you attending, you may still need some tips about what to do or how to get around. I recommend starting with Deaton‘s advice, especially the bit about the GPS and vast distances you are likely to encounter if you try to make a break for LA. You should also review Sprudge’s list of places to see and be seen. Here at Man Seeking Coffee, I’ve been mulling over my own contribution, one which I feel should heighten your experience of the event and yet have the power to keep contributing well past Sunday, when the exposition finally comes down.

I considered pointing you towards previously reviewed cafes and coffee from within the greater LA and Orange County areas, but that gesture seemed a little hollow. You can do that search yourself with this blog’s search tools.

I also considered the fact that in attending this event, you might just have your coffee needs fulfilled. But knowing you as I know myself, I think there are some important, soul-searching, questions you need to ask yourself. What does it mean to consume coffee that has been corralled for my convenience? Is coffee, divorced from the hunt, a soul satisfying experience? Do I have the three hours it will take to sneak out and visit Intelligentsia’s Venice or Silver Lake cafes?

If you have such an inquiring mind and the time to spare, I introduce you, dear reader, to the first Man Seeking Coffee map (click through to the map). This map contains not only cafes and sources of coffee that I’ve reviewed but several I’ve merely noted as possibly worth my time. Go ahead. Click on it. Scroll around on it. Explore the possibilities. I made it for you. May it bring you as much pleasure as it has me.

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