Back Home Again


Name: Camden Food co. and Copper Moon Coffee Company
Location: Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, IN
Rating: 2-

Flying into Indianapolis, recently, felt a bit like the Prodigal Son returning home. I haven’t been back for a few years now that my parents are no longer there, and my time away hasn’t exactly been spent talking up the place. Of course, a number of new things have changed. Take the brand new airport, for example, which boasts some real culinary coups, like Cafe Patachou, serving various organic and free-range products. Unfortunately, that coup doesn’t appear to extend to the coffee. Rather than recap a bad review at length, however, I’ll just repost my tweets about it here.









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2 comments to Back Home Again

  • I still think it has to be better than the coffee at the old airport. For a while, I was in the Indy airport every few months and got to know the coffee places in the terminals. All of them had some serious taste flaws. The new places don’t sound much better, but hopefully there’s a lot shorter of a taxi time. Last time I was there, I had a thirty minute taxi time after we landed, it seemed like we had landed in Illinois and had to taxi back to Indy.

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