coffee@home: Colombia Micay


Beans: Finca Santuario Colombia: Micay
Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

I picked this coffee up at the The Grove in Albuquerque, waffling between it and the Agua Preta from Brazil. I ultimately picked the Colombian (and, yes, Colombia is spelled correctly as I learned) coffee largely because I was intrigued by the descriptor “licorice root.” Only later did I find a some other information on this coffee (1,2), suggesting nothing but good things. I couldn’t agree more.

This coffee worked best as a french press. It was spicy, with semi-sweet chocolate, licorice (which I did taste although it could have been the power of suggestion), a bit of plum, and a really crisp, slightly piney, lime-like acidity. Overall, it was nicely clean and incredibly well-balanced with the sharp acidity being bright and clear without overwhelming the rest of the cup. It worked less well as a pour over – producing a more muted cup. And while not terrific, it was a fun espresso, coming out a tad bright but with much more pronounced fruit: grapes, apricots and dried mango.

I don’t really have much more to say other than that I certainly recommend this coffee. Oh, and how drinking Intelligentsia is making me excited to get down to the new Intelligentsia, opening May 8th.

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