coffee@home: (Barismo) Kenya Kiandu


Bean: Kiandu Lot 8696, Mutheka Co-op, Nyeri, Kenya
Roaster: Barismo

I thought two bags of coffee from Barismo would be about as much as I could consume in the short period of time before some other coffee arrived at my door and so I narrowed my choice to the Linnaean Street Espresso and the Nimac Kapeh from Guatemala. Fortunately, the kind souls at Barismo were wise enough to send me this sample pack of the Kenya Kiandu. It turned out to be my favorite of the three coffees they currently offer.

The sample pack only holds a little coffee so I had to chose wisely. I prepared one batch in my siphon, as recommended on the label, which is visible online (but not on my hand/sharpie-inscribed sample pack).  For practical reasons too long to go into here, and plainly despite the instructions to the contrary on the website, I brewed the rest of this coffee via French Press.  Sadly, I never did get to try it as a pour over drip, as is recommended on the blog, or in my aeropress, as Rob at Coffee Like Wine suggests. While I didn’t try it straight as espresso, it is a component in the Linnaean Street blend so I have tried it indirectly. I’m assuming it’s the component that gives that blend it’s more wine-like notes. (Just checked the Linnaean St. again post publishing and it turns out they use a different Kenyan in that blend.)

My overwhelming experience with this coffee in the siphon was sweet pineapple dipped in chocolate. Not surprisingly, the French Press produced a cup that was less clean and bright. My tasting notes, overall, also included: tangerine, brownie mix chocolate, watermelon-flavored candy, and hints of floral notes like daisies (I know, not particularly fragrant but that’s why I said “hints”). It had a fairly clean, even drying mouthfeel and was relatively bright, but not as much as I would typically expect from a Kenyan coffee. The reduced acidity and floral nature of this coffee reminded me a lot of an Ethiopian Yergacheffe. I’m not sure I would have picked it out as a Kenyan if I didn’t know better.

It turns out that Barismo partnered with Ritual on this purchase, but I unfortunately have been too busy with other coffee to try Ritual’s roast. Since I liked this coffee and tend to like their roasting style I’d be surprised if I didn’t find Ritual’s good as well, even if different. But if you’re ordering from Barismo, this is definitely the coffee to get.

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2 comments to coffee@home: (Barismo) Kenya Kiandu

  • crackedconcrete

    They are doing such an excellent job. I look forward to their next offerings.

  • When I spoke to him, Jaime said that some of the new coffees are in the pipeline but with actually getting them, testing and so forth it will probably be a few months. I’m eager to see what they have to offer as well as how they refine their roasting.

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