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Man Tweeting Coffee

I’ll try to keep this post short, although not within the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter – a constraint that forces real creativity.

If you Twitter, find me @manskngcoffee. My Twitter feed is also posted to the right. You may need to view the blog if you use a reader.

You may also notice some redundancy. I’ve set up my blog to post new entries to Twitter – currently working with mixed success.

If you don’t use Twitter, try it. I doubted it for quite a while. I skipped Facebook. I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone.

I now embrace it fully. I love reading pithy thoughts from so many interesting, famous and unfamous people. It truly makes the world smaller.

It also nicely complements this blog. I can post lots of choice tidbits that never really fit the format, broadening the scope of this blog.

While I’m at it, let me know if you have other suggestions. Use the comments, email me or tweet me. I’d love to hear what you think.

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1 comment to Man Tweeting Coffee

  • Never managed to get into IRC chats or even the whole instant messenger craze of a few years ago. So I’ve tried Twitter and, well, it doesn’t work for me (though neither does FriendFace, er, Facebook). I think it’s because its “real time” nature is an invasive annoyance for me in my day, as was IM.

    So instead of micro-blogging, I’ve decided I’m still more a fan of mega-blogging (just slap on Technorati as your search equivalent, RSS feeds, what have you — kind of redundant, really). There’s also something humorously odd to me about an imposed 140-character limit to keep things “micro”, and then all these start-ups crafting ways to attach images and video to it. TinyURL links back to text blobs bigger than 140 characters is the next step, and suddenly we’re back to reinventing our father’s blogs again.

    Then add my biases in cognitive science that believe organism intelligence evolves to block out trivial information rather than allow more in… and so as with IM, for Twitter I’m going to sit this one out.

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