coffee@home: Fuel/Vita


Beans: Fuel Coffee Blend
Roaster: Caffe Vita
Rating: 3-

The final coffee included in the recent Man Seeking Coffee line-up of coffee from Seattle (1,2) was this espresso blend, roasted by Caffe Vita, but which hails from Fuel Coffee whose beautifully designed logo seems to attract quite a bit of attention, at least from local wildlife.

This coffee fared poorest of our taste-test of five, but while less well off than it’s competitors, it remains a decent coffee that’s better than the typical chain store fare.

Like Victrola’s espresso, this one had a healthy dose of dry, or naturally, processed blueberry goodness which was particularly evident in the ground coffee aroma.  The beans in this blend were big and fairly darkly roasted with a decent amount of oil starting to emerge by the time I opened the bag – about a week from roast. In addition to the blueberry notes which subdued when brewed, I got notes of chocolate and molasses as well as a bit too much roast flavor for my tastes.

As an espresso, you get a full-bodied, moderately viscous shot with a moderate amount of decently dark crema. My feeling about it as a french press was similar – fine, but roasted just dark enough that the roast starts to overwhelm the otherwise good flavors and aromas of which this blend seems capable.

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