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coffee@home: Scrumptious SO Espresso


Beans: Flor Azul, Nicaragua
Roaster: Intelligentsia
Rating: 4 (espresso), 3 (brewed)

Coffee tasting notes tend to vary in extent and usefulness. Some authors strive for quantity and complexity, others prefer graphically representative precision, while still others develop detailed character studies of their beans. As a rule, I tend to prefer more information to less (and have a soft spot for good writing) but sometimes a label comes along that stuns me with its brevity. Case in point is the description on the package of Intelligentsia’s Flor Azul, which reads simply: “Creamy Approachable Melon.”

My hat goes off to the person from Intelligentsia disciplined enough to pen this description with its pithy acuity, capturing the full extent of this coffee’s strengths and weaknesses when brewed via French Press or pour over drip: “creamy” captures the body and texture; “melon” summarized the prominent flavors and aromas; and “approachable” nails the distinctive personality. It’s friendly, pleasingly and satisfyingly good without being otherwise particularly remarkable. It’s also worth noting that this coffee is one of two included in Intelligentsia’s Celebration Blend, giving that coffee some credibility as well.

There is one sizable shortcoming to this coffee’s description, however. No one bothered to mention just how absolutely scrumptious this coffee is as a single origin espresso.  I don’t know how to describe it other than that I found myself licking my lips all the way to work on the days where I started my morning with a shot of this stuff. It’s sweet, creamy, fruity and delicious. I’d therefore like to suggest a revision to this coffee’s description, specifically when brewed as espresso. Please change “approachable” to “unbelievable.” It really is that good.

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