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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s My Party and I’ll Buy if I Want To

In case you didn’t mark it on your calendar, Man Seeking Coffee turns one today! To celebrate I went out about bought these two guys and together we all threw a party. In case you don’t recognize them, that guy there on the left is a vintage, spring lever, Mini Gaggia which I picked up, well-cared for from a fellow CoffeeGeek in Seattle. The guy on the right is my new-to-me, but wise-in-years, Mazzer Super Jolly that I “won” (as my wife likes to say) on Ebay.

I followed the nearly written-in-stone advice of espresso enthusiasts everywhere and spent at least as much on my grinder as I did on the espresso machine. In fact, I pretty much went for the top of the line. While I might someday upgrade to a slightly nicer espresso machine, my right-hand man here will probably stick around for the long term with the possibility of a few modifications. That is until I have a grand and a half lying around for a Mahlkonig.

And don’t worry. Just because we had a birthday celebration doesn’t mean we didn’t have time to celebrate Halloween.

Thanks For the Memories

Here’s the part of the post where I activate the cheesy montage of hilarious and heartwarming scenes from the past year illustrating Man Seeking Coffee’s growth from down home blogling to living large, blog extraordinaire. Heck, I think its even safe to say that this site has experienced a significant increase in readership, even after you exclude my mother and the hits generated by my daughter clicking madly at the mouse in exchange for the candy that I’ve promised her.

Fortunately for you, I didn’t have time to assemble any such montage or go so far as to post it on youtube. If you are dying to reminisce, however, take a look back at Man Seeking Coffee’s first post. It’s cute, but undeveloped, a little pink and wrinkly. It’s kind of like looking back at early drawings of Opus only to consider the 30 year legacy that Berkeley Breathed produced. Don’t worry, I’m not ending this blog just yet.

The Future’s So Bright…

So what lies down the road for Man Seeking Coffee? More of the same for sure. This blog has 91 posts and reviews of coffee from cafes and roasters in 14 states, and readership, unlike the economy, seems to keep on growing. So expect to see more coffee at home, coffee from around town and coffee from elsewhere in the country. Hopefully the coffee will be good, but if it’s not, I’ll be out there taking the hit so you don’t have to.

Now I don’t want to make too many campaign promises that I won’t be able to keep, but I do have plans for bigger and better things. You can expect more resources on making good coffee at home, some changes in the blogroll and hopefully new and different approaches to exploring coffee besides the well-loved reviews. And please do send me suggestions for things you’d like to see or coffee you’d like me to try. Beyond that, I’ll simply bite my tongue unless you’re ready to underwrite me. I have to make a living after all.

From the Bottom of My Heart

Seriously, though, this past year would not have been possible without all the people who have found this blog and especially those who have pointed to it on their own blogs. Some of you have coffee-related sites that I think may be of interest to readers and I’ve posted yours up on my blogroll, but there are quite a few of you, bloggers or not, whom I’ve never properly acknowledged. This list is long and I don’t want to overlook anyone so I want to simply say thank to all of you and I look forward to continuing this blog for another year.

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4 comments to Happy Birthday to Me!

  • Congrats! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and really like the stuff you discover and talk about. I was going to ask you what machines you use, but then you answered it with this post. I’ve always wanted a lever machine, but haven’t saved up enough yet to pull the trigger.

    How do you like it so far? Looks like its PIDed.

  • Thanks. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog. The machine is not PIDed. I wish it was although it is very temp stable. The group is mounted directly to the boiler and the temperature band doesn’t seem to vary more than about 4-5 degrees. With a little timing I can vary the shot temperature a little bit but overall don’t have to worry too much. This is a nice machine and actually very reasonably priced – very much in the entry level price range. I’m still saving up for my Ponte Vecchio Lusso.

  • chris

    so … i’m new to the scene and am in need of some guidance. i was a barista for 4 years and absolutely loved the work, but it has been 3 years and i’m a bit out of the loop. i’m not exactly sure how i ended up on your site, but after seeing this mini gaggia i am hooked. i’ve been looking around in hopes of running across another one for sale, but haven’t been lucky enough.

    so i guess my question is, where do you think i might one of these beautiful pieces of hardware and how much should i expect it to set me back?

    thanks for the help … it is much appreciated.

    • Tough call. Shop around on the Home Barista and Coffee Geek lists. Maybe even post your interest there. There are a handful floating around. Maybe someone is looking to move on to another machine and interested in selling. Of course, there’s always ebay. People also occasionally get them from Europe, but those often need electrical conversion. That said, I guess a machine like this probably requires some waiting. Not sure how patient you are.

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