coffee@home: CCC’s Kenya Gaturiri Microlot

Beans: Gaturiri Microlot 4851, Nyeri, Kenya
Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee
Rating: 4

I squeaked in just under the wire on Counter Culture’s August $2 flat rate shipping. I couldn’t resist this Kenyan which had earned a 92 on Coffee Review. It promised a different quality of brightness from what you usually find in a Kenyan coffee.

It arrived beautifully packaged in a well-designed, flat box. The coffee is bagged with Counter Culture’s informative and attractive designed wrap-around packaging that I heard Peter Giuliano discussing at a talk I attended  the recent Slow Food Nation. These sleeves are complicated to attach, but provide more location and coffee-specific information to the consumer than one ordinarily gets with this kind of single origin coffee.

The Gaturiri is a really gorgeous coffee. The tasting notes are right on the nose. This one exudes blackcurrent: tangy, winey, and just a little sweet. The aroma evoked memories for me of the many blackcurrent drinks I’ve consumed around the U.K. The coffee has a relatively light, tea-like body with just a hint of syrupy mouthfeel to anchor it.

This Kenyan was wonderful as a French Press and also worked well as a pour over drip. The bright fruit flavors were pronounced enough they came through even the paper filter beautifully. I tried this one with my new aeropress, though it came out just a tad too sour. I’m guessing you might find the same thing with this one as an espresso.

I suppose my only lament is that I can’t get this and other east coast coffees more easily. Unless you’ve got some cash to burn for faster shipping, truly fresh coffee remains a regional commodity.  This coffee was mailed out the day it was roasted, but I got it 5 days later and it was the next morning before I could drink it (at least if I wanted to sleep). Five days is, of course, still quite respectable for coffee and just about right if you’re timing an espresso order for a dinner party, but it just goes to show how spoiled I’ve become living in the bay area where I can regularly pick up good coffee that’s usually no more than 2-3 days old.

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3 comments to coffee@home: CCC’s Kenya Gaturiri Microlot

  • Just found the site, after having popped into four barrel for the first time today. Nice review. Nice to see Pete Giuliano get a mention here too. He’s a class act. Pete and I worked together in a cafe in San Diego and made music for years. The man plays a mean accordion.

  • ahrcanum

    Five days—and you got fresh coffee? OMGoodness, do not despair or complain. Dunkin Donuts n Folgers for some of us!

  • I know. Sorry. It just goes to show how spoiled we’ve become in the Bay Area. I suppose I should go rough it for a while just to get back in touch with the hardships most Americans have to endure.

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