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coffee@home: Flying Goat’s Mexican Decaf

Beans: Mexican Decaf
Roaster: Flying Goat Coffee
Rating: 3

I picked up this decaf while at Flying Goat a few weeks back. They had two in stock – a Sumatran and the Mexican. Given my recent success with a delicious decaf Mexican at Woodberry Kitchen, I figured I’d give the Mexican a try.

This coffee has a slightly sharp aroma I could only describe as yeasty or perhaps a kind of salty, sea-side air. It’s got the body of a dark black tea, like Assam, and is lightly roasted enough that it still has a bit of brightness in the cup. While I can’t say it’s amazing or wonderful, I suppose it is a welcome addition to the Bay Area decaf list.

I suppose now is the time to confess that as much as I crave a good decaf coffee – I can’t drink regular at night after all – I’ve rarely been anything but wanting.  Kenneth David’s had a great piece on decaf coffees a few months back that nicely summarized the obstacles that get in the way to producing high performing decaf, not the least of which is the process of decaffeinating coffee itself. So until I stumble across some master roasting trade secret that everyone has missed or someone else in the industry does, I guess a good decaf will remain hard to find.

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