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Coffee, Sex, and Politics: Finding a Little Sanity

Reading the headlines this week was nearly enough to give me a madonna-whore coffee complex. Scantly clad baristas at a coffee drive-through dumped scalding water on a cross-dressing flasher, while at the same time Iggy Pop extols the virtues of coffee as an addiction-combating beverage. There was the story of the South African politician cavorting with the girlfriend of an ex-Russian mafia member who hurled an espresso cup at a political competitor, while politicians closer to home, both Democrats and Republicans, buddy up to baristas (good press for the industry even if the coffee in these cases sounds somewhat questionable).

On a more personal note, my trip to New York was canceled. No trip to Gimme! No trip to Abraco! And no golden opportunity to restock my supplies of coffee at home with some exciting east coast beans. I also wasn’t able to spend a few days in the city that’s been amassing new roasters to the extent that even its local top chefs are attempting to break into the coffee business (even if it requires copycatting a west coast shop).

It’s times like these that I like to seek out a little coffee sanity. Fortunately, I was able to find a few opportunities to mend my troubled coffee relationship.

First is the Slow Food Nation tasting pavilion next weekend. In addition to a huge array of amazing foods, there’s probably going to be the largest concentration of west coast coffee in a single spot with the possible exception of the WRBC.

Second, there’s the comfort that Four Barrel Coffee has final opened. Got to get there soon.

Third, even if shipping takes five, miserably long days, Counter Culture Coffee’s $2 flat rate shipping sale through the end of the month makes it possible for me to experience some east coast coffee with relatively little pain to the pocket book.

Finally, I have the comfort of knowing that I live in the Bay Area which is home to an amazing array of coffee. What I can’t pick up from the roaster or their many stores directly, I could potentially have delivered by bike. Other roasters that are a bit farther away, like Flying Goat, Ecco Cafe, and Barefoot have wholesale clients like Village Grounds, Bakesale Betty’s, or Caffe Mediterraneum that sell their beans and can often serve as a location for special deliveries.

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