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coffee@home: Ecco Reserve Espresso

Beans: Ecco Reserve Espresso
Roaster: Ecco Caffe
Rating: 4

I picked up a bag of Ecco Caffe’s Ecco Reserve Espresso at the recent 2008 WRBC, a somewhat short-sighted move on my part since my home espresso setup is currently non-existent. So I did what I could, cupping it, pressing it and doing a pour over drip. The cupping gave me a clear sense of this coffee’s potential: rich, sweet and chocolaty, but the press and drip proved somewhat disappointing. The coffee brewed up mostly one-dimensional with a bit of chocolate and few hints of tobacco. It had a very dark roasted flavor without tasting burnt. Not bad, but not inspiring enough to get it again for press or drip.

Opportunity knocked, however, when my neighbor suggested brunch – he has an espresso machine. Not top of the line, mind you, a Krups XP 4030, but a machine that appears to get decent reviews for its capability (if not its dependability) for the price. It took a several practice shots before we got things right, but once we did, WOW! How sweet it was: rich, thick and full-bodied with buttery caramel and chocolate and a lingering taste of honey. What a fantastic way to end a big meal.

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2 comments to coffee@home: Ecco Reserve Espresso

  • Ciao,

    I just tried Ecco’s Traditional (i.e., Regular) Northern Italian blend, purchased at Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero St. It makes a really tasty cup, and it was easy to work with (or I got lucky on the first shot). Roasted on Thursday, so it’s super-fresh.

    Looking at their website, I notice they have an organic version, which they’re not pushing with quite as much enthusiasm (and it’s $1 less). Personally I prefer having all organic beans. Now if only their distribution were better — I only have to walk a short distance to get Blue Bottle on Saturdays.

    Happy Brewing,

  • I’m not sure if it’s their standard practice, but Ecco Caffe delivered some coffee for me to Bakesale Betty’s to whom they regularly deliver. You could probably work something like this out with Mojo or any of their other regulars. And I guess my question for you is are you SURE it was the Northern Italian? It’s very confusing. For some reason all their bags are printed with “Northern Italian” but then the red stamp indicates the actual coffee (see my photo above). Very confusing.

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