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coffee@home: Barefoot’s Guatemalan El Eden

Beans: Guatemala El Eden Micro-lot from Finca Vista Hermosa
Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters
Rating: 3 –

I picked up this bean at Caffe Mediterraneum just a couple of days past the roast date and not, by the looks of it, from some crazy person person with a black magic marker located on Telegraph Avenue. You can’t exactly tell from my quality photgraphizing, but the beans are a medium roast, perhaps a shade lighter, as one might expect (and presumably appreciate) of Barefoot. I cupped it, and then over the next couple of weeks, brewed it as both a French Press and a pour-over drip in a ceramic cone with an unbleached paper filter.

This coffee was a bit of a stumper. Flavors clearly erred on the lighter end of the spectrum and there was a lot going on in the cup: bright lemon, maybe lime, herbs, milk chocolate, and a strong scent of dry white wine. For some reason, though, this particular combination just didn’t coalesce on my palette and I don’t think it’s simply that I would consider myself as lacking in enthusiasm for bright, Central American coffees.

Don’t get me wrong, one could do much worse than this coffee and its complexity is worth something. But I just read that Ken Davids gave Barefoot’s Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa, another of Barefoot’s Guatemalan micro-lot quadruplets, a score of 92. There’s also Barefoot’s Guatemala Cup of Excellence #2 San Jose Ocana, which also clearly scored high in several people’s minds. You might consider trying one of those two coffees first.

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3 comments to coffee@home: Barefoot’s Guatemalan El Eden

  • Jim

    I had the Barefoot Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa and liked it very much. The reason I bought it was because they were donating the proceeds to the family who lost their family members to robbers. I don’t usually buy roasted coffee because I am a home roaster and really like to roast my own but I liked this coffee eventhough I didn’t roast it.

  • i am particularly more fond of the higher-grown el eden lot than the michocoy lot. the tastes in the cup are typical of elevation: cleaner, sweeter the higher up fvh’s farm you go.

    hats off to andy and barefoot, though: they buy several lots from edwin and fvh, and let their customers enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • Yeah, the Finca Vista Hermosa tradgedy was really somthing. I imagine that things like this must go on all the time, as well. It really gives you pause when you sit down to drink that cup of coffee. I guess the silver lining is that all of the direct trade that’s been going on in recent years with companies such as Barefoot has really done wonders to raise awareness and ultimately help people.

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