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coffee@home: Colombia La Golondrina


Bean: La Golondrina Odair Achipiz Micro-lot, Cauaca, Colombia
Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee (purchased at Octane Coffee Bar and Lounge)

My visit to Octane coincided with my home supply running low. A perfect chance to try some Counter Culture beans at home – something I had thus far managed not to do. I was just finishing off what had been a long line of more acidic coffees and I was looking for something on the more full-bodied, well-rounded end of the spectrum, but that still had some complexity. Tony Riffel gave me a few suggestions, but the one that stood out was Counter Culture’s La Golondrina Colombia micro-lot. I’m not quite sure why, perhaps it was the description on the bag or the memory of the now no longer available Colombia La Esperanza I brought home from Stumptown back in early 2007. Either way, the La Golondrina perfectly fit the bill. It one-ups the usual good, clean coffee-flavor of most Colombians by being remarkably complex, slightly sweet, with very pronounced vanilla and some hints of (roasted?) almonds. It strikes just the right balance of acidity and body. It brewed up well both as a drip and in the press pot, depending upon the how bright I wanted the flavors to be. And I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone. A few days after I broke open the bag, I read Ken David’s review on Colombia coffees. He gave this one a 92. Not his top scoring Colombian, but not too shabby either. The La Golondrina isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. I picked it up for $20/12 oz. bag at Octane. It runs for only about $12 on Counter Culture’s website, but then again there’s shipping. Hurry, though, it looks like this one is only available from Counter Culture until early April.

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