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coffee@home: Kean’s Beans



Beans: Sumatra Blue Batak, Rwanda Karaba, and Decaf Peru
Cafe: Kean Coffee
Rating: 3

My consultation with Ted, the roaster, at Kean led me to the Rawanda Karaba and the Blue Batak (I had been interested in the Blue Batak having read about it elsewhere). I also got the Peruvian Decaf which I had enjoyed so much on my visit. I was slightly skeptical about this combination of beans; I would have liked something from the lighter end of the roasting spectrum, like the Costa Rica I had while at the café, but I thought I’d go with Ted’s recommendations just to see.

I definitely liked all three beans on the first cup (I got to use my new ceramic cone for this!), but the differences between beans weren’t all that pronounced. All three reminded me of fall with a lot of dried fruit, raisins and figs, and hints of tobacco. All three also had a lot of acidity, a distinct lemon flavor that was even more pronounced when I made them in a press pot. There were some subtle differences. The Blue Batak had some other flavors (cherries and chocolate?) whereas the Rwandan was more well-rounded with less acidity and more of the other flavors. The Peruvian really is one of the more interesting Decafs I’ve had in a long time; it’s rare that a decaf has so much acidity. After a week, though, I started to grow tired of that lemon flavor. These coffees were good and very complex. I just wanted more variation in three different beans.

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