Coffee@Home: Oslo

Bean: Thor and Decaf Blend
Cafe: Oslo Coffee Company
Rating: 2

On my recent trip to Oslo Coffee, I bought half pound each of their Thor and decaf espresso blends. They were reasonably priced at, I think, $5.50/half pound. The Thor was decent, but not truly impressive. Try as I might, I just couldn’t coax that bizarre complexity out of the beans that I had tasted in the store. The decaf was better than what I had tasted in my cappuccino; it lacked that ever so slightly stale after-taste. However, perhaps because it was an espresso roast, I found the decaf too dark for a drip.

I’m curious whether either or both of these coffees might have worked better in a french press rather than with my usual cone filter set-up (I’m lacking a french press at the moment). Clearly something was up with the Thor blend; I know it has greater potential. The decaf blend might work better as an espresso, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way for it unless you like a really dark (perhaps slightly over-roasted) decaf drip. You can get equally decent decaf elsewhere more easily or for less.

So, despite my earlier kudos for Oslo, which I still stand by, I have to give these beans a two (perhaps a 2+ for the Thor).

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