coffee@home: Purosa PNG (BBCC)

Bean: Purosa Papua New Guinea
Roaster: Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Rating: 3

I tried Blue Bottle’s Purosa PNG several weeks ago at the Temescal Farmers market when it was their featured drip, and I was really blown away. It really did fit their description of smooth, creamy chocolate with a burst of citrus. It was one of the best cups of coffee I’d had from BBCC in a long time. At that point, I was well stocked at home so I stopped back a few weeks later, only to find that someone had bought out most of their stock earlier that day. Getting Purosa turned out to be like a search for the holy grail and meant sacrificing a week of the best coffee so I wouldn’t overstock and have my supply go bad. A couple of weeks later, I finally manage to get some, but I don’t know what happened. This is the first time, I’ve truly ever been disappointed with the quality (as opposed to just the particular taste) of a BBCC bean. Rather than that burst of citrus and chocolate, I was met with a muted, ever so slightly bitter taste. I tried several times to make it with no success. All I can figure is that after years of hitting it right on the nose, BBCC botched a batch. I know it can be better so I’m giving it a 3. If the Purosa can redeem itself, it may get the 4 it deserves.

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